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  1. Raffia Straw Braided
  2. Raffia Straw Braided
  3. Raffia Straw Braided
  4. Raffia Straw Braided
  5. Raffia Straw Braided
  6. Raffia Straw Braided

Raffia Straw Braided

  • No.:Raffia Straw Braided
  • Size :
  • Color:Natural
  • Material

Item: Raffia straw braids Material: Raffia wheat straw Color" natural or other color Sample: available,free Size:4-5mm. we have the size from 3-4mm,4-5mm t

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Item: Raffia straw braids


Material: Raffia wheat straw


Color" natural or other color


Sample: available,free


Size:4-5mm. we have the size from 3-4mm,4-5mm to 17-18mm


Specifications: 240bundles/bale, Appr. 65m / bundle


Packing: plastic compound bags        


Mass production time: 15-20days

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